Monday, January 9, 2012

we will love and love always

it's driving home
feeling the love goosies rush past each hair on your arm
while you listen to the one song
that reminds you
of just how you felt
the moment you fell in love with him

my life feels beautifully chaotic at the moment
i can't seem to stop looking down at my finger
i just smile and go back to how it got there
i will remember these little moments
and smile

chaotic only in the sense
that now i have so many decisions before me
and i have no idea where to start

i've come to realize planning a wedding is a bit overwhelming too

it's funny though
because i have always dreamed of being in this moment in life
since i was a little girl
singing in weddings after weddings
watching every bride before me
walk down the isle to their groom
and now that it is here..
it's like i have bridal block
..instead of writers block

the dress
the flowers
the guests
the music
the hair
the cake

and before we can begin on any of the above
we have to set a date
it will all come together beautifully
i know it will

im still glowing from that night though
& i will never let this feeling grow dim
because i love him so

we will love and love always

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