Sunday, January 1, 2012

we're engaged!

"life is full of snap shot memories
and im a firm believer in writing down as many snaps as possible"

last night caught the beginning panoramic picture of our life
im already crying and i haven't even started yet

happily happy tears are the tears my eyes cry

im going to marry the guy that caught my blue eyes in that restraunt that night
i felt drawn to you
i even contemplated finding you and telling you my name like a crazy person would
just so you would know i was on the same planet as you
here i am
which you already knew because i saw you staring while i tossed peanut shells over my shoulder
the love bug bit me hard
i knew i would see that guy again
and i did
God works in mysterious ways
im going to marry the guy that stole my heart on that park bench under that big tree
 in natchez overlooking the mississippi river
we both said that was the best date we had ever been on that night
and it was
im going to marry the guy that i fall more and more in love with everytime he is near me
you are my life now
your the first thought that comes to mind when i wake up each day
and the last thought when i close my eyes for the night

last night you took me back to natchez

cock of the walks famous cornbread, you, fried dill pickles and an exciting "firework show"
was what i thought would be the highlight of the night
i had no clue what was coming
at all
we sat on that park bench
it is "our spot" in the world
uncontrollable hiccup fits are always expected
but i never expected to see you kneel on one knee before me under that chesser cat moon
and hear such beautiful words run past your lips
at nine-thirty you realized you couldn't wait any longer
to tell me that i was your new years resolution
to make me happy for the rest of your life
i have always dreamed of that special moment
but this was beyond any dream i have dreamt before
i will always remember that night
you and i eating our to go box of fried dill pickles while we waited for the new year

im looking down at my ring right now and smiling
i want to make you happy for the rest of my life

we have something worth keeping around for a long, long time
we may have to eat a few burnt suppers at first but i will figure it out
you won't miss a single head scratch as long as you will watch armaggedon with me
every now and then
i promise

i love you past the stars

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Kristen @ Confessions of a GDS said...

Congratulations Callie!! Such beautiful words... your hearts are in the right place <3