Tuesday, March 20, 2012

i flip like a pickle

"..im a lucky guy to have a woman that
cares and loves me the way you do.."

me and garrett honestly rarely feud about anything major
it's always minor silly things
..like how i flip fried dill pickles in the grease..
see, so silly, right?
we make-up easily though and usually end up laughing at ourselves
life is too short to fight;
time is love
and that be the bible of the blues
the other night me and garrett decided to attempt to improve
our fried dill pickle recipe
this time, they were going to be spicy slap you in yo' face fried dill pickles
they were good
but they did not reach our high expectations
they were lacking that "jackie chan kick"
we must have used half a bottle of cajun seasoning
i don't understand
& im still searching for a better recipe
but in the meantime, let me finish..
garrett is sweet as sugar
and i love him to pieces
but when he bosses me in the kitchen
..i flip like a pickle..
he meant well and he was only trying to help bless his sweet heart
and i love him for that

he now quotes:
" i will never tell you how to flip a pickle ever again"
" i will stay out of the kitchen"
: )

now i get tickled when i think of pickles
i love that man
im going to marry him

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