Monday, November 14, 2011

god gave me you

i was just thinking about that night we first kissed
it took us what seemed like an hour to say goodnight
the stars were above us and it just felt right
you told me after we kissed that my lips were the softest lips you had ever kissed
and it made me giggle
 it even made me blush
but you didn't know it
i remember thinking to myself
he's it
i knew it the first time our eyes met
and i just thought i loved you then
i remember it didn't take long until i felt like i had known you my whole life
and i had never fallen so hard
i would have never gave my heart to any other guy so fast
but you were different
thats how you know its something really special
sometimes i feel like you are my first love
and the reason is
is because i never had what we have
not even close
until you came along
your the best
God gave me you
and He gave you me
and i want to stay right here with you
through ups and down
no matter what
theres no where i would rather be
than in your arms
we have something worth keeping for a long, long time

i love every moment i spend with you from our hot wing dates to just cuddling on the couch
im my happiest when im with you

i love you garrett
happy two years and three months!

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