Saturday, November 19, 2011

i love him just like this

auto zone is like a mans jewelry store in a sense
or it is to garrett anyway
he goes in that store so much the cashiers know him by name
and sometimes they even know what he needs before he can spit the words out of his mouth
he goes back and forth through different isles just like i would if i were
trying to make a complex decision between that pair of earrings or this oversized wallet
it will take him at least twenty minutes to figure out what brand of motor oil he wants
and while he is "in the zone" i can't help but stare at him

he is standing there and im watching him thinking to myself
how cute is he is right now? and he has no idea!

i love him just like this

he always makes me giggle to myself in that store too
i mean, its his natural habitat

 when im helping him find the specific oil filter he needs for his truck
we're both knelt down competing to see who can find it first
i'll push him over hoping to give myself a little more time
and usually i find it first
i let him win last night though
he just thought he won

and he gets so excited when he gets to use his auto zone credits
its almost like he gets the same feeling that a person would get after they won the lottery or something
i always find it quite amusing

while the man at the register was checking us out
he said something that really hit heart for me
he said
"the best advise i can give you two is this, forget about the part about it takes 50-50 in a relationship"
and then he cleared his throat and said:
"the way to make it last, is if you both give 100% everyday"
after he told us that he let us know that he had been with his wife for thirty years
i wish that man knew how much those words meant to me
he was right

love takes work
you have to give your all
theres no excuse for slacking
slacking only gives room for distance

i believe once you realize you love someone
it doesn't just go away
people let it go
and instead of working at it everyday
they give up and toss it out the window

divorces are unreal now and it makes me sad
that noone stays together anymore
its so much easier for people to sign away their marriage for divorce
than to save what they once vowed

love isn't a contract
its a promise
to say you are sorry after every fight
to always kiss each other goodnight
to never grow tired of holding hands in the car
to be there for each other when times get hard

i would walk through fire before i let someone i loved walk out of my life
& i won't dare let my heart forget how many beats it takes
i hope in thirty years i will still be with this same amazing guy
and i know that i will love him just as much as i do right now

come rain or shine
he is mine, all mine

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Jewelsy said...

It's wonderful how much you love him. I love my hubby too! I am coming to you from "comment love". You can find me at