Monday, November 28, 2011

its a love rebirth

i know i seem like a girl who could write a sonnet devoted to love
well i could
my heart beats louder than it ever has
its practically beating right from my chest
bomp bomp bomp bomp
in and out each valve of its anatomy
for him
& if there was a prize for the girl with the biggest heart for her man
i believe i would win it
when i think, i write so im writing tonight
im happy
where i am now
with garrett
he is the greatest gift God could ever give me
he's pretty amazing
i was thumbing through some old journals the other day
there were so many memories that i had forgotten so easily
 God obviously has alot to do with the way the heart works
its almost like your born again when you find that special someone
instead of a spiritual rebirth
its a love rebirth
what a silly way to talk of love right?
i had laid those memories to rest so long ago
i found a difference in how i talked of love then & now
not that i needed any sort of confirmation at all
it was just nice to see before my eyes
what a great love i have now
much greater
a love so great it put every page to shame in that old journal
i was so nieve about love then
it wasn't real

i honestly thought my life was over on the last page i read..
....but the truth was
it hadn't even started yet

i have a sweet warm smile to come to now
those arms that hold me with every ounce of care
 lips that speak kind words to me instead of words that hurt
i have it all
i have everything that i never knew i always wanted
and it feels good

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