Wednesday, December 14, 2011

you are my blessing

i don't mean to brag
but im happy
& i don't like to say im lucky;
im blessed

luck is when you find something you lost at one time in your life
like the back to one of your diamond stud earrings
that old sweater you wore out the stitchings to
your favorite silk scarf that you have been missing

i didn't lose anything
and i don't like to compare the way i feel to a "lucky penny" i found lying on the sidewalk in the sunlight
because you can find anything right before your eyes
its what you find in your heart that is real
i gained something instead
a blessing

you are my blessing
your big heart shines through everything you do
never change
you are a good man
(and thanks for making me paint my neglected toes last night)

i love you joseph garrett
happy two years and four months!

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