Wednesday, September 28, 2011

because i love you

i'll take this amethyst pen, i'll write of you.
though sweet nothings are nothing without you too.
i'll scribble your name a thousand times.
i'll write you a love song that doesn't rhyme.
i'll hold your hand and call you manly.
i'll be your good day when its bad, i'll buy you candy.
i'll make you a sandwhich when your feeling blue.
and when your feeling tired, i'll even tie your shoe.
i'll laugh at your jokes when they aren't funny.
i'll smile when your grumpy and call you a dummie.
i'll dance silly with you in the kitchen if you like.
i'll grab your face and kiss you when we get in a fight.
i'll learn how to sew when you rip your pants.
i'll tell you that you can when you say "i can't".
i'll super glue my heart to yours, if you will too.
i'll do all of these its true, because i love you.

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